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Area of Philosophy and History of Science

Filosofía e Historia de la Ciencia

The area combines philosophical and historical approaches to identify the epistemicalogically significant features of scientific activity, tracing its historical development. Thus, the area contributes to the exploration of answers about the nature and working of science through different activities such as dissemination, education, public communication and science management.

The area’s main research lines are:

  • General Philosophy of Science: development of proposals for general philosophical analysis of science.
  • Historiography of Science: development of proposals for general historiographical analysis of science.
  • Diachronic Philosophy (Epistemological History or Historical Epistemology) of Science: development of proposals for combined philosophical and historiographical analysis of science.
  • Representation and scientific models: elucidation and discussion of the concepts of representation and model, and their interrelationships in formal and factual sciences.
  • Theories and research practices: examining relationships between a Philosophy of Science based on the analysis of scientific knowledge, especially that expressed in scientific theories, and Philosophy of Science focused on the analysis of scientific practices.

The trajectory of the area is complemented by the regular conduct of academic extension activities (such as the co-edition of Metatheoria - Journal of Philosophy and History of Science - with the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero- and the book collection “Philosophy & Science” edited by UNQ), conducting workshops and seminars in the IESCT periodic discussion and coordination of conferences on History and Philosophy of Science.


Dr. Pablo Lorenzano

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