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Area of Sociology and Social History of Science

Sociologia de la Ciencia

The Area of Sociology and Social History of Science brings together different researchers with the shared interest of analyzing the processes of production, use, circulation and legitimation of knowledge and scientific objects. From different theoretical and methodological approaches, these studies examine how the political, economic, cultural, social and technical dimensions involved in these processes are deeply intertwined.

The activity is organized in several research projects funded by national, regional and international agencies. Projects are mostly focused on the problems of Latin America, addressing issues such as:

  • The production and social use of scientific knowledge
  • The production of scientific objects and their circulation in relation to the international market
  • The history of the intervention of scientific work in the organization and management of social production
  • The development of social, cognitive and institutional traditions in the region
  • The phenomena of international division of scientific work, its spaces and materialities
  • The relationship between social and scientific problems
  • Controversies and the dynamics of public participation and perception of science
  • Social appropriation processes and democratization of scientific knowledge
  • The institutional analysis of knowledge production spaces
  • The development of professions related to the production and circulation of knowledge

The activity developed in the area of Sociology and Social History of Science aims to generate knowledge that may influence positively on different professional and academic areas. In terms of the politics of science, knowledge of macro and micro social processes, scientific production practices, strategies for different types of actors in the course of their work are a relevant input for S&T management and planning. 
At the level of social communication, knowledge about the development of social networks of signification and legitimation of research results contributes to a more complex and comprehensive scientific activity. 
At the level of the scientific profession, social and historical research of the processes of knowledge production allows to enrich the guidance of scientists in their own activity.

Moreover, through the various academic strategies, the Area aims to develop conceptual and interpretive frameworks for strengthening areas of knowledge such as sociology, communication and social historiography of science whose local institutional spaces are scarce.


Dr. Juan Pablo Zabala

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